Before setting-up Surrey Psychology, I worked in the NHS as Part of a Primary Care Mental Health Team, a service for adults with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. There I assessed and treated problems such as psychosis, personality disorders, severe anxiety and depressive disorders.

I also worked with those who experienced extreme emotions, trauma, abuse, obsessions and compulsions, chronic fatigue, ill health and pain, eating disorders, addictions, self-harm and suicidal behaviours.

In addition, I have worked in an NHS Primary Care GP Practice, an NHS Psychotherapy Department, as part of an NHS Older Adult Specialty Team, and in the NHS Eating Disorders Service.

Over a number of years, I designed and carried out testing and research with children on the Autistic Spectrum and their families and extended my training in relation to treating OCD at King’s College London, and Mindfulness and Stress Reduction at Oxford University.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the current situation all consultations will be Online or by Phone